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LMS-1.8.0 Rosha

After almost two months of bugfixing (from rc1 till now) we like to introduce first release of new stable branch, which includes new functionality and improvements.

Download: lms-1.8.0.tar.gz lms-1.8.0+libs.tar.gz

2007/02/19 01:35:40 by lukasz

LMS-1.7.6 Grannus

Version 1.7.5 was not working, so we have now 1.7.6 Grannus. Here we've got a few new features, like:
- traffic stats in node informations,
- adding/changing customer in helpdesk ticket edition,
- new transfer forms printouts (Polish),
- changed design of customer balance list,
- custom/disposable liabilities.

Download: lms-1.7.6.tar.gz lms-1.7.6+libs.tar.gz

2007/02/19 01:35:40 by lukasz

LMS-1.7.3 Inubis

And again we have revolution in database but it's for better progress, clarity and also performance. In this release we have:
- removed prepayments, cash references and related features
- intensely improved and fixed lmsd/parser
- credit notes
- new aproach of non-financial documents generation
- changed balance lists and operations addition method
- public IP for network devices
- monthly report about selected customer traffic stats
- removed SQLite support

Download: lms-1.7.3.tar.gz lms-1.7.3+libs.tar.gz

2007/02/19 01:35:40 by lukasz

LMS-1.6.4 Mala

Few minor bug fixes and added support for Userpanel - an separate project from cvs.rulez.pl, about which you can read here.

Download: lms-1.6.4.tar.gz lms-1.6.4+libs.tar.gz

2007/02/19 01:35:40 by lukasz

LMS-1.6.3 Laira - Security release

This release addresses some minor bug fixes and security bug fix. Now authorization module don't store plain text passwords in session. Also sessions are excluded from backup.

Download: lms-1.6.3.tar.gz lms-1.6.3+libs.tar.gz

2007/02/19 01:35:40 by lukasz