4.2. List of available scripts

Table 4-1. Executable scripts list

lms-notifyMassive mailing for customer notification about debt, new invoice, etc.
lms-notify-smsSMS Notifications about customers deb, new invoice, etc.
lms-cutoffCutoff of customers who are in debt
lms-etherdescMAC address - hostname pair file creation for iptraf
lms-paymentsAccounting subscription fees (periodical) with invoice writeouts
lms-trafficBandwidth consumption calculation
lms-traffic-logiptablesBandwidth probe with iptables
lms-makearpARP table (/etc/ethers) creation
lms-makedhcpconfDHCP server configuration (dhcpd.conf)
lms-makeiptablesConfiguration of iptables firewall rules
lms-makeipchainsConfiguration of ipchains firewall rules
lms-makeopenbsdpfConfiguration of OpenBSD packet filter rules
lms-makeoidentconfConfiguration of oident
lms-sendinvoicesDistribution of invoices to customers
lms-makemacsFirewalling with use of source MAC addresses
lms-makehosts/etc/hosts file creation
lms-makewarningsRedirect rules for customers in debt
lms-makemessagesRedirect rules for customers in debt with warning message
lms-fpingOnline nodes scan
lms-rtparserHelpdesk backend for MUA