5.2. Configuration

Configuration of LMS-MGC is held in lms-mgc.ini file.

5.2.1. Section [database] - database setup

5.2.2. Section [mgc] - list of instances

Significant parts of configuration are placed in section [mgc] and its derivative sections. In [mgc] alone you can use the following parameter:


You can also place instances variable in any derivative instance section. See below.

5.2.3. Section [mgc:xxx] - instance configuration

Each instance has its name and its configuration is created by creating derivative section of name [mgc:name], eg. [mgc:mydaemon]

All of those sections may include following configuration options:

Mgc script now loops for each network and performs the following tasks:

Mgc script now loops into below rules for each IP address for given range. It takes each IP address and checks if a rule is defined for this address, if yes - it executes first rule that matches. Matches are being parsed in specific order, as described below:

Mgc now is ready to append final part of the file and execute system command.

5.2.4. Configuration variables

You can use the following templates in your configuration variables. They all will be substituted with appropriate data from LMS database.

Computer templates:

Network templates (for sections relevant to networks only):


Additionally, dst_network_header variable may include above templates prepended with D (ie. %DADDR, %dname) to get data relevant to destination networks.

Templates which can be used everywhere: