3.4. Nodes

This panel is designed to manage your computer records, namely: view computer list (with sorting), search, add new or delete existing computers from database and editing capabilities.

3.4.1. List

List of computers will appear after you select 'List' link. You can sort it by clicking on any highlighted column name. You have several icons on each computer record: light bulb for connecting and cutting off selected computer, warning triangle for warning screen toggle, eraser for computer removal, pencil for editing details and file icon for viewing it. The last module (computer/owner view) might be also accessed simply by clicking on selected record.

3.4.2. New Node

You can add new computer here. First select good name for it (it may contain letters, digits, underscore or minus sign), then it's owner. IP and MAC addresses may be entered manually, or - by clicking arrow signs on the right - you may select them from pool which is read from database and ARP daemon. After you finish - click 'Save'. If you need to enter more computers it's helpful to activate 'Display this form again' checkbox.


To search computer addresses in your network you can use nbtscan program. If it's available in system, you can click 'Scan' to get all data about computers that are online.


You need to create customer and network first, so you can assign new computer to it.

3.4.3. Search

You can search for computers here by any given criteria. You can enter whole IP, MAC or computer name, or just its fragment and search will guess for you.

3.4.4. Notices

You can write administration notice (message) here and it will appear on customer's Web browser screen. In this module you can select majority or all computers and assign them common message. Just choose computers using selectbox on the left (computers with message already on will be displayed in red). If you only want to assign a message to customer, but don't want to turn it on, just write a notice and don't select any of 'Enable/Disable' boxes.

3.4.5. Reports

You can get printer friendly list of your computers here. It's possible to use same filter and sorting capabilities as on 'List'.